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Ock Pop Tok Presents a VILLAGE MARKET FAIR

ອອກ ພົບ ຕົກ ນຳສະເໜີງານ ຕະຫຼາດນັດຊາວບ້ານ

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Come meet the people of Laos – featuring artisans from many provinces in Laos.​

Local food > Handicrafts from all over Laos > Dress up in ethnic clothes and take a picture > Face painting > Performances and singing > Classes > Fashion show

On the 28th & 29th November 2020 at the Living Crafts Centre, Ban Saylom, Luang Prabang. 10am – 9 pm

A free event!! Drop by with your family and friends!

ພົບກັບ ຊາວຊ່າງຫັດຖະກຳ ຫຼາຍຊົນຊາດ-ຊົນເຜົ່າ ຈາກຫລາຍເເຂວງຂອງລາວ​

ມີຫລາກຫລາຍ ການສະແດງ, ການເດີນແບບ…> ກິດຈະກຳ: ແຕ້ມຮູບ, ຮຽນຍ້ອມສີທຳມະຊາດ, ການແຕ້ມໜ້າ…> ເເຕ່ງກາຍຍ້ອນຍຸກ> ລວມທັງ ອາຫານພື້ນເມືອງ> ເຄື່ອງຫັດຖະກຳລາວຈາກທົ່ວປະເທດ

ໃນວັນທີ່ 28 ແລະ 29 ພະຈິກ 2020, ເວລາ 10:00AM – 9:00PM ທີ່ສູນຫັດຖະກຳ ອອກ ພົບ ຕົກ, ບ້ານສາຍລົມ, ນະຄອນຫລວງພະບາງ.

ເຂົ້າຊົມຟຣີ !! ພາໝູ່ເພື່ອນ ແລະ ຄອບຄົວມາທ່ຽວເດີ

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Ock Pop Tok Presents a VILLAGE MARKET FAIR, Online Edition

Not in Luang Prabang? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The event will also be available online! How, you ask?
We want to keep it simple for everyone so all the information about this event will be posted here and on social media (@ockpoptok on Facebook and Instagram).
You will have access to a virtual tour of the event; demonstrations on how silk, cotton and hemp are made; DIY tutorials; you’ll get to know the artisans better through short interviews; access to our marketplace where you’ll be able to buy the products the artisans brought from the villages, and even a food tour of Luang Prabang (recipes included, yeah!)

What’s for lunch? Papaya salad!

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Food, glorious food!

Food is an important part of Lao culture and is represented in many varied and eclectic cooking styles. Our aim is to showcase the highlights, using only the freshest ingredients. Follow along as we show you how we make our famous papaya salad. No papaya? No worries! Replace it by some cucumber for a similar crunch!



Peel your green papaya. You can use a peeler or a mandoline to cut strips of papaya. Get your mortar and pestle. Put the papaya in the mortar, add all the ingredients except for the lime and fish sauce. Crush and mix it all together. Add the lime and fish sauce. Taste! Adjust the seasoning if needed and your papaya salad, Lao style is ready. It does not get any easier, right?! Enjoy!

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Katu weavers work on backstrap tension looms. They keep the tension on the loom by sitting on the floor and extending their legs from their waist. If you practice yoga it’s like Dandasana. In addition to being cotton growers, the Katu are also skilled weavers who incorporate beading in their weaving.

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The creation of silk is a magical relationship with nature. Silk thread comes from a silkworm’s cocoon, which is created and used as the temporary home for the worm as it develops into a moth. Silk has been cultivated and woven in Laos for over 1000 years.

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The toys and dolls made by Akha artisans in a village of the Phongsaly Province are always fun and whimsical. We thought they could be a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations this year. Mae Tse happily agreed to walk us through the various steps to make a super cute ornament from colourful fabric and adorned with embroidery. Let’s create!

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A little taste of what’s happening at our Living Crafts Centre now! Stop by for some food and drinks, indulge in some shopping and support the artisans from our Village Weavers Project. And if you’re not in Luang Prabang, we feel your pain, and we’ll have a longer video afterwards to make up for it…

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Did you ever wonder how cotton is made? How it goes from this little ball on a plant to thread? We’re hoping through this video to bring some answers to your questions. Enjoy the demonstration!

Jo Smith, Ock Pop Tok co-founder, regales us with the story of a spontaneous journey to Houaphan Province in northeastern Laos. This journey jumpstarted the Village Weavers Project, a dynamic model for village-based collaborations.

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Buy fabric for a sinh or two (or more) and get your sinh made on the spot by our tailors! 80,000 kip for cotton and 120,000 kip for silk. Only at our Village Market Fair at Ock Pop Tok!

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Ock Pop Tok is all about textiles but if you’ve visited our Living Crafts Centre or done a class with us in Luang Prabang, you most probably had a bite at our Silk Road Café and you know we take our food very seriously. So, follow us in the streets of Luang Prabang for a taste of delicious Lao food…

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