The Master Weaver Wall Hanging



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The Story:

The Master Weaver Wall Hanging was woven using two complicated weaving techniques and it is unusual to find a textile that showcases both. The central part of the textile is tapestry weave, the weaver adds the different coloured yarns by hand making the pattern up as she goes along. Each end of the textile showcases discontinious weft motifs in this case we see a double headed naga. Nagas are mythological water serpents and are powerful creatuers in Lao mythology. The weavers in these Village Weaver Projects are some of the most skilled weavers in the region. Indigenous skills and knowledge are combined with artistic flair to create these stunning museum quality textiles. Woven with handspun Lao silk and dyed with a combination of natural and E.U approved chemical dyes this wallhanging can take over 90 hours to weave. Over 50% of the ticket price goes back to the artisan.

Made by:

Made by Tai Daeng
Tai Daeng

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