Kiridara Silk Organza Shawl




The Story:

The Diamond Naga wall hanging conveys the story of the Naga Prince protecting the lotus diamond, which symbolizes the dowry of his beloved. Nagas are mythological water serpents that are present in most South East Asian cultures. This intricate piece took more than 70 hours to weave. Each coloured silk yarn is added by hand, its a skill that Lao weavers are famous for. Mrs Ting like most weavers in Laos learnt to weave from her mother. These skills have been been passed down generation to generation.

  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water, use mild soap
  • Dimensions: 180 cm x 48 cm (70.9 in x 18.89 in)

Made by:

Local Village Weavers

This product is made by weavers from villages nearby our  Living Crafts Centre!

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