Customized Bath Mat

You’ll love it because: You get to play designer! Not only can you choose your colors but you can come up with your very own design for your customized bath mat!



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In stock


Until now, if you wanted a custom-made product from Ock Pop Tok, you usually had to place a wholesale order (hello Minimum Order Quantity) or pay extra if you didn’t meet the MOQ… Not anymore, you can now choose your colors and design your own bath mat!

We’re excited to take you on this journey. Designing your own tapestry piece allows you to connect with the Lao artisan who will weave it and take part in the preservation of traditional weaving techniques in Laos.

Technique used
The interlocking tapestry weaving technique is the perfect technique for this made to order bath mat as there is no need to set up any patterns on the loom. This technique requires the weaver to make the pattern up as she goes along. The weaver creates the motif by adding colored yarns by hand. Where sections of color meet, the pattern threads are twisted (interlocked) around each other, locking them together so they don’t loosen up. We use the tapestry technique for our home decor range, including rugs, cushion covers, table runners, placemats and now bath mats!

We use 100% handspun cotton which means the thickness of the thread is uneven.

The base color – the one used for the warp – is compulsory. It’s natural cotton, which is a very light shade of beige. You can choose a maximum of three additional colors from our selection of twenty.

What you get
1. A Design Brief detailing how it works
2. Your Design Grid to get you started
3. Your customized bath mat
Note: 1 & 2 will be sent to you by email upon reception of your order.

Lead time
The approximate lead time will be one week to weave, and it will take an additional 4 – 5 days to ship from Laos to your doorstep.

So, who wants to give it a try?! Read our blog for more information and pictures.

Additional information

Weight400 g

Thank you for your purchase!

Learn more about our impact and support our mission and artisans livelihoods.

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