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The Story:

This Akha Hemp purse combines the work,amship of the Akha people and the hemp production skills of the Hmong. Ahka are an ethnic group from Northern Laos. They are known for their indigo clothes and intricate headdress that is embellished with antique silver coins and decorations. This bag was inspired by tradition and innovated for today. Instead of using silver coins to decorate these purses, the women upcycle aluminum from cans. They cut disks from the aluminium and stitch them onto the indigo fabric. They also use traditional Job’s Tears seeds to complete the design. This purse features a zip closure and lined interior. The Akha people can be found in parts of Southern China, Thailand and Myanmar. They are considered a minority group in Laos making up a only 1.4% of the population.

The Hmong are also an ethnic group in Laos, they are the only people that cultivate hemp a tradition that has been practiced for hundreds of years. The whole process is done by hand, there are 10 steps involved to make hemp. You can read more about this process in our blog.

Hemp is an eco friendly material. Once it is woven it is dyed with indigo.

  • Materials: 100% hemp, recycled can discs, Job’s Tears beads
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water, use mild soap
  • Dimensions: 19 cm x 13 cm (7.5 in x 5.1 in)

Made by:

Made by Akha

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