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Organza Jewelry

A zero waste collaborative collection

Organza, silk in its rawest form is a great canvas to showcase intricate supplementary weft motifs. It still has sericin – a natural protective protein on silk fibres – that gives it a stiff texture. You all know and love our organza wall hangings, but did you know that sometimes, we are left with remnants ? Though beautiful, we just did not know what to do with them…

That was before we met our friends from Tremani! In their Luang Prabang workshop, Herman, who is from Belgium, and Phet, who is Lao, make beautiful jewelry – bracelets, earrings, necklaces, among others – also from remnants of the finest wood.

We share the same values. We both believe in merging traditions from the east with innovation from the west. We’re master weavers. They master fine woodwork. We’ve combined our savoir-faire to bring you a wonderful collection of unique organza and wood jewelry. Let’s have a look at this collaboration with Lao Belgian brand Tremani!

Read our blog on this collaboration!

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Teardrop Bracelet

Why you’ll love it: The lightweight wood and intricate organza combination is for sure unique. Plus, you could match them with one of our teardrop earrings!

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