Jungle Vine

Eco-friendly and invincible

Jungle vine, called Piet in Lao, is the Khmu’s favorite material. It is an eco-friendly crop that is encouraged to grow between other crops such as coffee and rubber. In Laos it is called a NTFP (non timber forest product) and has been identified as a crop of special importance. The string is made by scraping the bark of the vine, drying it and twisting the lengths together. Working with piet is time consuming because the fiber is very short and needs to be hand twisted.

Khmu villagers crochet piet into bags and beautiful belts to be attached to bamboo baskets. They are used to haul wood and gather crops and herbs. The Khmu multitask! You’ll see them knitting jungle vine while walking to their rice farms in Oudomxay Province.

We have adapted this traditional material to create updated handicraft products, such as zippered pouches and handbags for contemporary lifestyle. Even though it is pretty and delicate, jungle vine is invincible. All our piet bags are Village Weavers Project collaborations with Khmu artisans who are seasoned experts at turning jungle vine into beautiful and functional items.

Watch this video to learn more about jungle vine and how it is transformed into bags.

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Piet Shoulder Bag

You'll love it because: An OPT original design, the piet shoulder bag has soft double leather straps and a new shape that works beautifully for work or play.

Jungle Vine Eco Purse

You'll love it because: This brilliantly-coloured eco-friendly jungle vine pouch is naturally dyed and can be used to hold makeup, chargers, pens or just used as a purse!


Button Piet Purse

You'll love it because: Pretty enough to use as a small clutch, our piet zipper purse gets upgraded with natural dyes, a cotton lining, a button closure and tassels.


Zipper Piet Purse

You'll love it because: Dip-dyed in natural colours and a contrasting cotton lining makes our slightly larger piet purse even more appealing. Use it as a clutch!


Piet Cross Body Bag

You'll love it because: The piet cross body bag is eco-friendly, comes in two natural colours and features cotton lining, soft braided leather strap and a hidden zip.


Piet Bag Multi Colour

You'll love it because: The multi colour silk lining and bonus zip feature makes this eco-friendly piet bag easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe.


Showing all 6 results

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