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The fabric of the future

Hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant, just one of several different varieties of cannabis. Hemp does not contain the THC found in majijuana varieties of cannabis. It has been cultivated over the world for more than 12,000 years. The latin word for hemp, sativa, means useful. It is widely regarded as the crop for the future as it has such a low environmental impact. It can be grown and processed without the chemical treatments needed for other plant materials and gives three times as much raw fibre as cotton.

Traditionally the fabric of choice of the Hmong would be hemp. Nowadays, as they move down from the highlands, many Hmong use cotton or synthetic fabrics/cloths. However, hemp is still cultivated by many Blue Hmong in northern Laos. Making hemp fabric is a laborious process, but the end result is a strong durable cloth with qualities similar to linen. Hemp is used for daily clothing such as trousers, shirts, jackets, head scarves, hats, protective leggings, belts and shoes. But also for household items such as blankets, bags and strings and for ceremonial use such as funeral clothing and new year clothing (highly decorative jackets, skirts, trousers, sashes, shoes, strips of fabric as banners in shamanic practices).

All our Hmong batik products are made of hemp. But we also use hemp to make our Akha inspired placemats and coasters and some trendy colourful envelope clutches.

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Akha Inspired Upcycled Hemp Can Coaster

You'll love it because: These coasters are a creative, upcycled way to dress up your table, making it shimmer and shine with the creative genius of Akha artisans.

Upcycled Akha Inspired Placemat

You'll love it because: The bright colours of those placemats, made of hemp and recycled aluminium cans, will keep your table festive and free of stains!

Tapestry Hemp Clutch

You'll love it because: The smart leather wrist strap makes it possible to use this upcycled tapestry bag as an edgy clutch or as a pouch to store knickknacks.

Kriang Beach Bag

You'll love it because:The Kriang Beach Bag features summery pinstripes and sturdy cotton, plus it has plenty of room for towels, books and beach toys.

Showing all 4 results

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