Organic handspun cotton

It was still the early 2000s and the beginnings of the Village Weavers Project when we heard about a village in the Luang Prabang Province producing high quality cotton. On arrival it was instantly apparent that the journey was going to be worth it. If you ever wondered what a Tai Lue village looks like, Ban Nayang is the picture perfect Tai Lue village. Set in a lush river valley, under each of the elegant stilted houses a loom, baskets overflowing with cotton ready for spinning and colourful yarns drying in the sun.

Nowadays cotton is the world’s most important non-food agricultural product and one of the most favored fabrics for clothes. But did you ever wonder how cotton is made? How does it go from this little cloud like ball on a plant to thread? Watch this video for answers to your questions. Enjoy the demonstration!

We mostly use handspun cotton for our products at the exception of some products which are made from what we call Lanten cotton, thinner cotton woven by Lanten artisans. From the Tai Lue, we buy handspun cotton fabric by the meter, wall hangings, scarves, shawls and skirts, among other things. All made of the best quality cotton Laos has to offer.

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Plain Weave Short Cotton Shirt

You'll love it because: Midnight blue naturally-dyed indigo and heavy-weight organic cotton makes this shirt extra special, plus it gets softer with each washing.


Two in One Backpack

You'll love it because: Leather straps transform this Kriang bag from backpack to handbag, making this Two in One bag a versatile accessory.


Indigo Shoulder Bag

You'll love it because: Who doesn't love natural indigo?! The perfectly-sized, beautiful deep indigo shoulder bag will go with everything in your wardrobe.


Checkered Long Cotton Shirt

You'll love it because: Lightweight and woven in a subtle checkered pattern, the natural cotton shirt is a handsome choice for all seasons, especially summer.


Tai Khun Cotton Jacket

You'll love it because: A best seller because it looks fabulous with both contemporary and traditional outfits, and it comes in a range of easy to wear colours.

Pha Faiy Two Tone Long Sleeved Shirt

You'll love it because: The subtle addition of natural indigo threads in the warp takes this organic cotton shirt up a notch, meaning it's ever better looking!

Showing 33–38 of 38 results

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