Table Top

Fancy up your dinner table

Need some help to make dining at home fancy? We can’t help with the food but we can definitely fancy up your dinner table! Our indigo batik collection is a great conversation piece for your next dinner party. Our Akha inspired placemats with upcycled aluminum cans show you care for the environment. And if you need to go all out, we have organza table runners and placemats!

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Crabs in a Row Table Runner

You'll love it because: It's eco-friendly, supports local artisans and, in Lao textiles, the crab motif is a popular symbol for abundance and fertility!

Ko Keyo Cotton Table Runner

You'll love it because: It's sustainable, empowers women, features collaboration, handmade in Laos. In other words, it is in line with our mission and values!

Striped Table Runner

You’ll love it because: Evocative of blue skies and rice paddies, our eco-friendly cotton table runner will bring calm and peace to your indoor or outdoor space.

Showing 17–19 of 19 results

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