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Tai Moei

Tai Moei (Tai Muang) weavers in Khammouan keep their traditions alive by weaving colorful ikats and ceremonial cloths. Far, far away on the southern borders of Laos and Vietnam, Tai Moei women weave highly colorful and intricate designs. Traditional silk skirts showcase complex ikat motifs with detailed supplementary borders.

The ceremonial cloths are unlike any other in Laos, as they are made on six pedal looms with a supplemental heddle. These are some of the most remote communities in Laos; weavers produce for barter markets in both Laos and Vietnam. Cloths are influenced by both national cultures with some textiles featuring the Vietnamese language.

Working with Mrs. Hua we are developing ceremonial cloths. Traditional monochrome silk motifs are being made on wider looms creating more potential for new markets and steady cash income.

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