ock pop tok laos village weaver tai lao silver working -

Tai Lao

The Tai Lao from Vientiane are known for their fine silver traditions. They use high quality silver, which is .99 pure silver (higher grade than sterling silver which is .925).
Veo met the group at a trade show in the United States and a collaboration was begun. We work with a family business that is known for reviving traditional Lao jewelry techniques and designs. Many of the pieces feature the traditional flower of prosperity design which represents life, health, love, luck and happiness.
As jewelry in Lao has been considered a symbol of royalty and status, the flower of prosperity was incorporated into most traditional pieces. The belief is that as long as one wears it their life would always be filled with good fortune and luck. We work with multiple villages to sustainably source the silver from local silver mines. We encourage the silversmiths to continue to use the traditional techniques passed down for generations and to also innovate to meet the demands of the modern market.

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