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The Oma are one of Laos’ smallest ethnic groups with only a few villages in Phongsaly province. Cotton growers, indigo dyers and exquisite embroiderers, their traditional clothing is both colorful and unique.
The remote locations of their villages make trade difficult, but since early 2002, when the Lao Women’s Union invited Ock Pop Tok to support the purchasing of their handicrafts, we have maintained creative and financial input into the production on of their handicrafts.
Headscarves and jackets (still made and worn on a daily basis by the Oma) can be found in our shops. One Oma woman, Amee, traveled to Luang Prabang on a few occasions to work on product designs that she in turn taught to her fellow compatriots. Be sure to look for the bags that show off their incredible needlework.

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