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The Kriang people are an ethnic group that can only be found in Laos. They live in the mountains of southern Laos in three provinces, Sekong, Salavan and Champasak. Their population in Laos is estimated at just over 15,000 people. The Kriang speak a Mon Khmer language that is similar to Katu.
We started working with this group after Veo met them in 2016 at a handicrafts festival in Vientiane. She was attracted to their weaving style which depicts their lifestyle in their textiles. The Kriang use only organic cotton and natural dyes in their weavings. They weave on a unique backstrap loom that wraps around their back and their feet as they sit on the ground.
We are working with them to diversify their product range by developing new products based on traditions but innovated for the modern market. We are also working with them to increase their market access.

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