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Our Impact

The philosophy behind Ock Pop Tok was and continues to be, to empower women through their traditional skills, and promote Laotian textiles and crafts across the globe. In Laos we work with women artisans, rural producer groups and Lao youth. All of these people make Ock Pop Tok what it is today and the co-directors at Ock Pop Tok are committed to everybody’s wellbeing and that everyone has an opportunity for professional and social development.

Partnerships built through the Village Weaver Projects allow us to truly show visitors a taste of cultures and traditions from throughout this diverse country. With 50 recognized ethnic groups, we work with over 200 women in rural areas in 14 provinces in Laos.

Fibre2Fabric Gallery is an exhibition space in Luang Prabang. We advocate for the preservation of production methods of textiles in Laos, documenting and demonstrating the production and cultural significance of textiles from various regions and ethnicities in Lao PDR.

As a social enterprise we strive to make our community a better place and a part of that is caring about the people we work with but also our impact on the environment. We work directly with communities around Laos to increase economic opportunities for women artisans, all the while making sure we limit our impact on the environment.

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We help keep the textile traditions of Laos alive and evolving by using them in our products. Whether it is the techniques — discontinuous supplementary weft, continuous supplementary weft, ikat and tapestry — or traditional materials like silk, handspun cotton, hemp or jungle vine, we are doing our part to preserve this rich history.

“The Ock Pop Tok (which means “East meets West” in Lao) initiative provides livelihoods for hundreds of artisans in and around Luang Prabang. A team of designers assists the artisans, showing them how to make a better living from their skills, and the shop is one of the best places in Luang Prabang for handmade textiles such as ikat scarves and Hmong tribe batik fabric.” Read more...

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