Our Impact

Our Impact

The philosophy behind Ock Pop Tok was and continues to be, to empower women through their traditional skills, and promote Laotian textiles and crafts across the globe. In Laos we work with women artisans, rural producer groups and Lao youth. All of these people make Ock Pop Tok what it is today and the co-directors at Ock Pop Tok are committed to everybody’s wellbeing and that everyone has an opportunity for professional and social development.

When you buy a product at OPT you can be sure that:

  • Full time weavers at OPT earn at least 3 times the official minimum wage for Laos.
  • We only work with the finest raw materials and oversee all productions steps to guarantee the highest quality products using environmentally friendly techniques.
  • We are actively involved with Lao organisations. We are on the board of the Lao Handicraft Association and we partner with different Lao government departments to help eradicate poverty in the rural areas of Laos. We are also a founding member of Fair Trade Lao.
  • We work in all areas of the value chain so we can guarantee to our customers that we apply the fair trade principles at each stage of the chain, from sourcing raw materials to producing the finished product.
  • We educate visitors around the world about Lao crafts to develop a deeper appreciation of both the high level of skill involved and the cultural significance of designs.
  • We have set up a wide range of programmes to support artisans and local communities around Laos and educate visitors about Lao textiles and traditions.

Starting in the Year 2000

Ock Pop Tok started small — with five weavers and a handful of friends hoping to have fun and channel their creative energy. Now, we’re proud to say that we’ve grown into a company built on shared values and a common mission.

500 Artisans

What started with 5 weavers has grown to working with more than 500 artisans throughout Laos. With our growth has come the chance to help support and foster artisans throughout this beautiful country. We provide full and part time jobs to women in Luang Prabang — more than 20 Master Weavers work full time at the Living Crafts Centre and an additional 30 work part time in a nearby village. 

Our artisans who are full time team members are entitled to interest-free loans, bonuses paid as a share of  profit, and opportunities to travel abroad to act as cultural ambassadors for Laos and weaving culture. 

For many women in Laos, weaving is only something that they can work on in their free time. Our goal is to find a way to make weaving a sustainable source of income for as many women as possible.

Village Weaver Projects

Partnerships built through the Village Weaver Projects allow us to truly show visitors a taste of cultures and traditions from throughout this diverse country. With 49 recognized ethnic groups, we work with over 500 women in rural areas in 13 provinces in Laos.

“The Ock Pop Tok (which means “East meets West” in Lao) initiative provides livelihoods for hundreds of artisans in and around Luang Prabang. A team of designers assists the artisans, showing them how to make a better living from their skills, and the shop is one of the best places in Luang Prabang for handmade textiles such as ikat scarves and Hmong tribe batik fabric.” Read more...

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