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Village Artisan Class

Village Artisan Class

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Discover different Lao Ethnic Group Traditions!

The Village Weaver Projects are a series of initiatives that create economic opportunities for artisans in rural locations. With this class, you can learn about Laos and some of its ethnic groups through their artisan traditions. More specifically about 3 distinct ethnic groups who participate in our Village Weaver Projects as you create 3 small crafts to take home.

Interested in learning more about our Village Weaver initiative? Read here!

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Examples of what you make:

2-Hour Classes Available:

Daily: 10am – 12pm  or  2pm – 4pm
Price: $31

You will receive an email after you submit your request (between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lao time).  Check your spam folder (just in case…). Please reply to the email to confirm your booking.

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