Online Class

Online Class

Introduction to Hmong Embroidery

What better way to appreciate a craft than to give it a try? Our mission has always been to promote the discovery of Laos through textiles to our visiting guests in Luang Prabang. Today, after 20 years, we thought we would take our commitment further and share our knowledge and love of Lao textiles with the world through hands-on online workshops and… DIY kits!

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We offer a variety of workshops at our Living Crafts Centre in Luang Prabang and for our very first online class/DIY kit, we are offering a workshop that requires very little equipment; is accessible to beginners and; explores a fascinating culture; Hmong embroidery.

Textiles are an important part of Hmong culture. The Hmong people master a variety of techniques including embroidery, appliqué, reverse appliqué and batik. The Hmong community uses embroidery as a way to decorate their clothes. The designs and patterns used are passed down from generation to generation. Each motif has meaning and all the patterns tell a story. For this workshop, we will focus on embroidery (cross-stitch).

Our aim is to teach you techniques that you can use over and over on a variety of different textiles — be it clothing, bags or accessories.

Once your order is finalized, we will send you (by DHL) your kit with all the material needed to complete the project. And you will receive by email the ebooklet (including the detailed pattern) and the video to follow along. We guide you all the way through from beginning to end.

We offer four different options:

And we have three different pattern options. Like with all Hmong embroidery patterns, it all starts with one square. We multiply the squares to create the pattern we want and add on to it to embellish it. But the techniques/stitches are the same and allow participants of different levels to navigate at their own pace.

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