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How about a tour of our Living Crafts Centre?

How about a tour of our Living Crafts Centre?

If you’ve been following our journey for a while now, you know that nothing is static at Ock Pop Tok. Repeat visitors at our Living Crafts Centre are surprised by the changes (we like to think they’re improvements) visit after visit as we strive to always enhance our visitors' discovery of Laos through textiles. Follow us for a tour of our updated (and upgraded) Living Crafts Centre experience!

Set in lush gardens and located on the banks of the Mekong, the Living Crafts Center is the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating world of Lao textiles. Created as a way to allow visitors to observe the impressive skills that go into Lao textiles, the Centre brings the concept of “East Meets West” alive.

Visitors can enjoy a free tour learning about Laos’ textiles from the silkworm to the finished product. Our tour guides – when available – will show you how natural dyes are made and introduce you to the most popular weaving techniques in Laos. You can wander through our weaving studio and watch the experts at work creating masterpieces.

Audio Tour Now Available in 5 Languages

The free tours are typically given in English or Lao. And when available, our tour guides are delighted to give free guided tours. However, if our tour guides are not available or you would like to have a tour in another language, and stroll through the centre on your own, we now have our audio tour available in 5 languages.

Yes, you read that right, 5 languages! English, Lao, French, German and, Chinese. We’re hoping to add more languages in the months to come. Korean for instance.  Drop us a line if you think we should absolutely have it in your language!

Free Demonstrations Twice Daily

opt laos blog lcc tour demonstration - Living Crafts Centre

A few of the steps that go into the production of textiles often happen “behind the scenes”. We however wanted to share some of these steps with you. This is why we now offer free demonstrations twice a day so visitors can witness all the different aspects of the textile production process; silk cocoon reeling, cotton spinning, pattern setting, weaving…

Demonstrations vary every day and happen daily from 11.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

New Signage & Interactive Display

The past few months, we’ve been working hard to bring our Living Crafts Centre experience to the next level! Our different salas got (some are still getting) an upgrade with new visuals and interactive elements to make discovering Laos through textiles even more fun.

At our Magic Fibres Sala, as you look around this area you can read about the history of silk, you can see the lifecycle of the silk worm and, you can even see them. We invite you to go up close and listen very carefully when they’re eating the mulberry leaves. You can hear them! It sounds like the soft gentle patter of rain. We also have different silks on display. And we encourage you to touch them.

A bit further, in the About Ock Pop Tok Sala, you will see lots of information; Frequently Asked Questions, our Ock Pop Tok milestones and even our design process. You can spin the dates around and learn more about some of our achievements over the years or watch the video telling the story of our design process.

Treasure Hunt Tour!

We also now offer a self-guided treasure hunt that takes the visitor around the Living Crafts Centre. There are 6 clues to find the treasure in the kids’ version and 10 clues in the adults’ version. Each participant is given a map of the Living Crafts Centre. Through riddles and clues, you will discover Laos through textiles. This fun and interactive treasure hunt tour is perfect for families or groups of friends! Available in English and French!

Create, Shop, Eat & Stay!

So, if you are – or you have family and friends who are – visiting Laos soon, you know where you/they can CREATE, SHOP, EAT & STAY! Or at least stop by for the free tour and free demonstrations.

Our mission is after all to elevate the profile of Lao textiles and artisans, to increase economic opportunities for artisans, and to facilitate creative and educational collaboration in Laos and worldwide. And all of this can start with a tour of our Living Crafts Centre

Our Living Crafts Centre being located a little bit out of town – about 2 km from the night market – visitors can take our free tuk-tuk from our shop in town, next to 3 Nagas. You can find the location here.

Other than the hours of operation (see below), there are no fixed times. Just stop by our shop. If the tuk-tuk is not there, our friendly staff will call it for you! The free tuk-tuk runs between 8.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m.

See you soon?!

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