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Tis’ the season: scarves, scarves, scarves!

Tis’ the season: scarves, scarves, scarves!

As the weather gets cooler or colder, it’s time to take out your scarves - or buy new ones! Need some inspiration on what to buy? Take a look at our guide and follow Moonoy, our Retail Manager, as she shares some tips on how to wear this must-have staple…

If you’re looking for handmade, ethical and trendy scarves (or shawls), you came to the right place. In Lao silk or cotton, showcasing various weaving techniques, on the bigger or smaller side, we’ve got you covered! 

Our cotton basics

The handspun cotton used in a lot of our cotton scarves give them texture and the extra weight necessary to not just be a beautiful accessory but also bring you some much needed warmth during the colder months of the year.

Simple and good-looking, our Back to Basics Scarf is a must-have accessory. The simple natural cotton weave is accented with a colorful blanket stitch along the edge. The width is wide enough to be used as a shawl.

Tis’ the season: scarves, scarves, scarves!
The Diamond Cotton Scarf is made using the four pedal weaving technique

You prefer a scarf with patterns? Made from cotton, our Diamond Cotton Scarf gives warmth and texture with its simple diamond design. The colorful Diamond Cotton Scarf guarantees both warmth and a pop of color. The diamond is created by using four foot pedals on the loom — for all you weavers out there this technique is called Jacquard in the ‘west’. We finished the scarf with a colorful cotton blanket stitch.

You want something lighter, more colorful and even softer? We’re delighted to introduce our Monsoon Forest Scarf. Unisex, it is woven using a rayon warp — hence the added softness — and organic Lao cotton for the weft.

Our trendy silk ones

Lao silk is known for its iridescence, reflecting light in a way that is almost ethereal, and some of our patterns show it off so well! When woven with medium weight silk, our scarves feel comfortable and cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter.

Handwoven from lightweight silk, our casual Honeycomb Scarf honors bees, nature’s symmetrical designers, industrious pollinators and sweet gifters! Just perfect with jeans and a white t-shirt for a light coverage. Woven using the kit or continuous supplementary weft weaving technique, one of the three weaving techniques most commonly seen in Lao textiles, our Plenty Hook scarf is thick enough to keep you warm, cosy and trendy during the autumn months. 

A crowd favorite, our Boum Mai Scarf – silk knot in Lao – is one of our original scarves and continues to be a best seller because it’s so easy to wear. Bombyx mori silk makes up the majority of the scarf, with Eri silk knots woven into both sides of the design. 

For the colder days

Our Peace Silk Scarf is a winter favorite! The loose weave raw silk scarf is soft and cosy, perfect for keeping warm. It’s finished with a contrasting colored silk yarn blanket stitch at both ends. The soft silk comes from the Eri silkworm. Gandhi named this silk, peace silk, as the butterfly can emerge from the cocoon and complete its life cycle. It’s also called vegan silk. This soft plain weave scarf is perfect for both men and women. Wear it under or over a coat, or just wrap it over a shirt, or drape it over your shoulders like a shawl.

How about adding some color to your wardrobe to make up for the gloomy weather? We have the perfect scarf for you, the Jo Ikat scarf! Jo Smith, one of our co-founders, is infamous for her love of bold colors! And, she loves ikat almost just as much. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she owns one in every color! The 100% silk scarf gets its soft silky handfeel from Eri silk cocoons.

You prefer cotton? Try our Unisex Dok Lao Indigo Shawl. Extremely soft and cosy, our lovely cotton and rayon blend scarves will keep you warm on colder nights. Plus, each one is unique, although the ikat and indigo on all of them are spectacular. 

Silk, for the chilly nights out

Even when it comes to silk, our offering is quite diverse. If you’re looking for something soft and easy to wear, the Kiridara Silk Organza Shawl is the perfect silk shawl for you. We begin with organza, silk that still has natural serecin, a natural protective silk on silk fibre that gives a stiff texture. After weaving, we boil the entire scarf – this ‘secret’ technique removes the serecin and makes the silk fibres incredibly soft, like heavenly clouds. 

But if you need something that would keep you warm on chilly nights out, we would recommend our Silk City Stripy Scarf. Elegant and casual, the city scarf is made for year-round wear. Throw it on with any outfit as you zoom around the city running errands, work from home or go out for a night on the town. The 100% eco-friendly silk scarf is naturally dyed and woven at the Living Crafts Centre.

Looking to make an impression? Named after the town of Hongsa in the Province of Sayabuli, this beautiful intricate scarf will no doubt attract all eyes on you. Our Hongsa Silk Scarf might not be as flowy as our other scarves but it definitely is a statement piece showcasing the craftsmanship of our master weavers.

How to wear your scarves…

Need some inspiration on how to wrap and tie scarves? Follow Moonoy, our Retail Manager, as she shares some tips on wearing this must-have staple!

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