“Movement” Explores Heritage Skills, Textiles
Radio Ock Pop Tok
Radio Ock Pop Tok

An Artisan Movement Explores
the Language of Cloth

At once visionary and down-to-earth, IBU Movement’s Susan Hull Walker shares insights on collaborating with artisans, merging heritage and contemporary textiles and keeping artisan livelihoods sustainable. IBU “Movement” Explores Heritage Skills, Textiles & “Language of Cloth.”

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Living Crafts Centre
Rachna Sachasinh

Our Shops Get a Makeover

This summer, we did some spring cleaning! Creative design, up-cycling materials. new signage, plus healthy teamwork resulted in fresh, open spaces that make our textiles look even better!

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Six Natural Dyes To Love

“Do you have indigo growing in your village? Indian trumpet? Turmeric?” These are the first questions we ask before any village training on natural dyes.

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Friends of OPT
Veo & Jo

Faces of OPT: Mrs Bang

Mrs Bang, 33 years old, was one of the visiting weavers. Her 13-year-old daughter (she has two) is learning to weave as well.

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