OPT-EIF a fruitful collaboration
Village Weaver Project
Valerie Olla

OPT and EIF, a fruitful collaboration

The Village Weavers Project is a series of initiatives that create economic opportunities for artisans in rural locations around Laos. We decide which villages to work with in a few different ways. Sometimes, it comes through Public Private Partnerships. This is how our collaboration with the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) started three years ago. Read this interview with Ock Pop Tok’s (OPT) Co-Founder and Executive Director, Veomanee Douangdala, to learn more.

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Ikat weaving technique
Textile of the Moment
Valerie Olla

Follow the Thread:
Ikat weaving technique!

Did you ever wonder how weavers obtain these beautiful contrasting patterns, all with what seems to be a continuous thread? They use the Ikat weaving technique! And it is indeed one continuous thread…

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Hmong Batik techniques
Textile of the Moment
Valerie Olla

Hmong Batik Techniques & Stories

If like us, you are fascinated by the deep shades of indigo and striking white designs of Hmong Batik, follow our resident Batik Teacher, Mae Zuzong, and learn more about Hmong Batik techniques…

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News & Events
Madison McClintock

The Magic of the Festival of Lights

I’m pretty sure I picked (unconsciously!) the best time of year to be working with Ock Pop Tok! Hi! My name is Madison McClintock and I’m a filmmaker/visual artist from the U.S. working with Ock Pop Tok for four months.

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Six Natural Dyes To Love

“Do you have indigo growing in your village? Indian trumpet? Turmeric?” These are the first questions we ask before any village training on natural dyes.

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Friends of OPT
Veo & Jo

Faces of OPT: Mrs Bang

Mrs Bang, 33 years old, was one of the visiting weavers. Her 13-year-old daughter (she has two) is learning to weave as well.

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