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Radio Ock Pop Tok
Radio Ock Pop Tok

Mahila Print: Re-imagining Rajasthani block printing

How do you introduce ‘start-up’, entrepreneurial thinking to a 400-year old artisan community? In Bagru, the hub of Rajasthani block printing, Jeremy Fritzhand tells us that a start-up mindset is critical to growing the industry and “putting creative power back in the hands of the artisans.” In this episode of Radio Ock Pop Tok, Jeremy discusses he and a group of forward-thinking women, along with the help of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative (CIPRI) joined forces to start Mahila Print, a new way of protecting and licensing indigenous designs.

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Living Crafts Centre

Laos Colours of Life

Over the last 30 years, due to the availability of cheap synthetic dyes, many weavers have opted for the quicker process of chemical dyes. Now, however, due to a few factors, there is a revival of natural dyeing in Laos.

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