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Ramzia Khorami and Maryam Omar: Afghan Jewellery & Design

Meet Ramzia Khorami and Maryam Omar, two vanguards bringing Afghan jewellery and Silk Road-era crafts to the contemporary global marketplace. Ramzia handcrafts Afghan jewellery using traditional techniques. Maryam manages Turquoise Mountain’s Design Center (listen to the previous episode featuring the organization). This is a rare opportunity to hear about the country’s burgeoning crafts and design sector directly from Afghan women.

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Hilary Kilpatric

Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience

Cultural heritage is central to our work at Ock Pop Tok so we were honoured when Veo was invited to participate in the conference “Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience” held by the Siam Society’s regional office in Bangkok Thailand January 25-26, 2019.

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