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Susan Hull Walker and IBU Movement are at the forefront of galvanising the global artisan community. Susan’s work empowers and connects people—in particular women—at all levels, from a village-based artisan to a woman in corporate or suburban America. Through her work with IBU Movement, and more recently IBU Foundation, Susan is finding common ground for women from far away places and disparate experiences to come together meaningfully.
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When we started Radio Ock Pop in September, I was eager to interview Susan. Her vision stood out to me. For one, it was a business model built around sustaining the language of textiles, around building a global community of artisans, and around providing direct conversations between artists, designers and consumers. During the early days of Covid, I received newsletter and emails from IBU headquarters in Charleston, and I realised quickly that Susan’s response to Covid was equally compelling.

The dramatic events of 2020—from the pandemic to Black Lives Matter, to the ongoing war, natural disasters, refugee crisis and aching poverty that impacts the entire world—calls for a reset. And, I wanted to know how Susan is approaching this reset. In this segment, Susan shares how she’s navigating the moment and looking forward.

In this episode, Susan will describe the working model of IBU Movement and the artisan design and retail arm of her work. Next, we’ll discuss the Foundation and an exciting virtual online event called MasquerAid to help raise funds and awareness for artisan cooperatives. (see below for details on how to attend the virtual event and bid on one-of-a-kind ethnographic masks)

We’ll talk about how Susan is guiding the team and IBU Movement to face the current moment and to look forward. As Susan says in our conversation, this is an opportunity to examine our priorities and change them.

So join us for another insightful and inspiring episode of Radio Ock Pop Tok as we head to  historic streets of Charleston along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and catch up with Susan.  

Connect with IBU Foundation: www.weareibu.org

Bid on one-of-a-kind ethnographic masks: www.event.gives/ibufoundation

Attend IBU Foundation’s online event 13/14 November, 2020:  www.weareibu.org/events

Hear IBU Movement’s Artisan Stories: www.weareibu.org/events

Missed the previous episodes of Radio Ock Pop Tok? Read and listen here!

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