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Custom-made orders: Let us tell your story!

Custom-made orders: Let us tell your story!

You’re a designer and you’re looking for artisans to bring your designs to life? You knocked on the right door! Here's the good news: we also work on custom orders! Send us an email on [email protected] and let us tell your story!

If you’ve visited our Living Crafts Centre in Luang Prabang, you’re familiar with our mission and values, and you’ve most probably met some of our weavers and made some fantastic purchases from our shops. Some of you came to know about us through our social media platforms (@ockpoptok on Facebook and Instagram) and browsed our online shop (Thank you so much for your purchases. We cannot thank you enough! Your support has been so valuable those past months as Lao borders remain closed.).

What you may not know, is that we also sell our products wholesale and love working on custom orders for individuals, designers and brands.  If you fall in any of those categories, check out what we can offer and drop us a line. That’s your starting point! We would love to work with you, we can’t wait to tell your story!


Our custom-made journey can start from Ock Pop Tok’s wholesale catalogue (contact us if you’d like a copy). A few months ago, we were contacted by IBU Movement following an episode of Radio Ock Pop Tok (if you haven’t checked our very own podcast yet, you definitely should!).

They wanted to work with us and really liked our kimono but wanted to add their own touch. We then worked with them to add a little something which would make it different from the kimono we sell in our shops and feature in our wholesale offer. They liked our design proposal and loved the sample. Just a few months later, the Ock Pop Tok kimono can now be  bought on IBU’s website

Watch this video to better understand how we work with artisans to make your designs a reality. 

Fabric by the meter

If you are fond of organic fabrics or beautifully hand-dyed indigo, we can also provide fabric by the meter. Drop us a line and we’ll send you an e-brochure featuring our ready-made offer. You have something else in mind? We can design a one-of-a-kind fabric for you. Be it for apparel or home decor. Just to give you an idea, this is what we do with our fabric; jackets and blankets and so much more. What would you like made? Say it and consider it done!

We do have a 30 meter minimum order, so this might not be the best option for individuals. 

Home Decor

Did you know that we also accept custom orders from individuals? This bedding was inspired by all the diamonds you can see on our different wall hangings. A customer ordered two sets, one in red, and one in yellow. Sure, it costs a bit more than in-store bought bedding but this set was handmade using the finest silk… 

opt laos custom made home decor weaving - custom

We know you just love home decor and we do too! So you bet the chairs in our Silk Road Café have been upholstered using our handmade fabric. You have a restaurant or a boutique hotel and would like to develop your own design for your furniture? The sky’s the limit…

We use the tapestry technique and organic handspun cotton for our rugs. We developed a few custom designs for customers and would love to make a whole collection of rugs for you! They might be on the smaller side (80cm wide) but they make a big impression! Send us your design!

If you see something you like on our webshop and would like it in another colour or dimension, we are a message away. We’re always happy to connect with you. It might not be possible, but it might very well be…


We’ve been working for the past months with local brand Caruso Lao to develop an exclusive collection of bags for Crowne Plaza’s gift shop, in Vientiane. It all started with a picture sent to us of an impressive textile showcasing the Naga in Crowne Plaza’s lobby. Our Design and Production team led by Mrs. Lear developed the pattern for a collection of six bags mixing organic handspun cotton and the finest Lao silk, all around the Naga! The Naga Collection has had a massive success since the launch! Inspired? Let’s talk!

opt laos caruso opt fabric 1 - custom

Working with Ock Pop Tok

Business partners throughout the world have joined us in our mission to elevate Lao textiles. If you are interested in wholesale or custom-made opportunities for your company, please email [email protected].

When working with Ock Pop Tok, you know that we are here to elevate the profile of Lao textiles and artisans, to increase economic opportunities for artisans, and to facilitate creative and educational collaboration in Laos and worldwide. 

We start with the finest, locally sourced natural and organic raw materials and oversee all aspects of production to ensure the highest quality products.

We operate on a platform of fair trade that is reflected in everything we do. We are committed to taking care of the environment, honouring and respecting traditions, paying good wages (including benefits such as health insurance, paid leave, and profit sharing) and cultivating local and international markets that provide a sustainable source of income for Lao artisans and their communities.

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