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And there was light...

And there was light…

The Festival of Lights, also known as "Boun Lai Heua Fai", is a significant and colorful celebration in Laos. The importance of illuminations during this festival is multifaceted and deeply rooted in both religious and cultural significance. So much so that we thought it would be interesting to shed light on it…

The Festival of Lights in Laos, also known as “Boun Lai Heua Fai,” is a significant and colorful celebration in the country. This festival typically takes place on the full moon of the 12th month of the Lao lunar calendar, which usually falls in October or November. The Festival of Lights is not only a religious event but also a cultural celebration that brings communities together. It symbolizes the importance of light, both as a practical source of illumination and as a metaphor for wisdom and enlightenment in Buddhist tradition.

Symbol of Wisdom and Enlightenment

The primary significance of illuminations during the Light Festival is their representation of the light of wisdom and enlightenment. The Festival of Lights is deeply rooted in Buddhist traditions.

In Buddhism, light is a symbol of knowledge and awareness that dispels the darkness of ignorance. The lighting of lanterns and candles signifies the pursuit of knowledge and the aspiration to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

End of Buddhist Lent

The festival marks the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent, or “Phansa”, during which monks typically stay within their temples for meditation and study. As they emerge from their retreat, the illuminated lanterns and candles symbolize the return of the monks to their communities and the end of the rainy season when they are less likely to harm living creatures while walking as well as the enlightenment they have gained during this period.

opt laos blog festival of lights kid - Light

Purity and Spiritual Cleansing

The light from lanterns and candles is often associated with purity and spiritual cleansing. It is believed that the act of lighting these illuminations helps cleanse one’s spirit and bring positive energy into one’s life.

Protection and Blessings

Many people believe that illuminated lanterns and candles attract the blessings and protection of deities and spirits. This symbolism ties into the broader theme of seeking divine favor and guidance during the festival.

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Community Unity

The practice of illuminating temples, homes, streets, and public spaces brings communities together. It fosters a sense of unity and shared celebration, reinforcing the idea that the community is collectively seeking wisdom, enlightenment, and positive change. It’s a time for forgiveness and reconciliation among family and friends.

Aesthetic and Festive Element

Beyond the symbolism, the illuminations also contribute to the festive atmosphere of the celebration. Elaborate and colorful paper lanterns, often in the shape of lotus flowers, boats, or animals, are created and hung outside temples, businesses and homes. These lanterns symbolize the light of wisdom that dispels darkness and ignorance.

Thousands come together to watch the town light up…

They create a visually stunning and magical ambiance, attracting visitors and enhancing the overall experience of the festival. Some say it’s the most magical time of the year here in Luang Prabang. Thousands come together to watch the town light up. Lanterns bring light and life to the city, the temples and the people. “Boun Lai Heua Fai” is definitely an event not to be missed if you’re around in October.

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Releasing Suffering and Negativity

Some people believe that the act of lighting lanterns or candles and releasing kathongs can help release suffering and negativity from their lives. The kathongs are usually made from banana leaves and bamboo and are adorned with candles, incense, and offerings.

When released into the water, the kathongs, carry away negative energy and troubles. People think that their sins and bad luck will float away with the floating kathong. It also serves as a way to pay respect to the river and the water spirits.

If you’re lucky enough to experience “Boun Lai Heua Fai” in Luang Prabang, you will see hundreds of illuminated kathongs floating down the Mekong into the night.

opt laos blog festival of lights kathong 3 - Light

Hope and Renewal

The light from lanterns and candles is often associated with hope and renewal. Participants may make wishes and set positive intentions for the future as they light their illuminations, symbolizing a fresh start and a brighter path ahead.


Fireworks displays are common during the Festival of Lights. They symbolize the joy and celebration of the end of Buddhist Lent and the return of the monks to their communities.

The lights represent the collective desire for positive change…

All in all, we can say that the illuminations during the Light Festival in Laos serve as a powerful symbol of light’s transformative and enlightening qualities. They represent the pursuit of wisdom, the end of a period of spiritual retreat, and the collective desire for positive change and renewal within the community.

Additionally, the aesthetic and symbolic beauty of the illuminations adds to the overall joy and significance of the festival.

Do you want to experience the Festival of Lights next year? Keep an eye on the Luang Prabang Tourism Office website for the exact date of the celebration.

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