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Mrs. Chansy

Mrs. Chansy, like many Lao girls, learned how to weave from her mother. She was patient in her learning and when she was 18 years old, she managed to weave her first skirt. She likes to weave the continuous supplementary weft technique as that’s what she excels in. Mrs. Chansy, who recently joined Ock Pop Tok, feels at home at the Living Crafts Centre as she enjoys the working environment and conditions. She’s thankful that Ock Pop Tok pays fair wages and shares the profit from the sales of the products. Like she learned from her mother, she plans to teach her daughter how to weave. Especially since she’s seeing that not many from the young generation are interested in the weaving or craft industry. She hopes the young generation realizes the importance of this industry and gets involved in it.

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Some products made by Mrs. Chansy:

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