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Ms. Phonesouk

Having learnt weaving at the young age of 10 by observing her mother, Ms. Phonesouk joined Ock Pop Tok back in 2015. She started off as a part-time weaver while she was still studying and is now a full-time Master Weaver here. Her outstanding skills and knowledge have also recently led her towards working closely with Ms. Lear – our Head of Production and Design, as her assistant to ensure the quality control and trial of any of our latest products.

She loves that she is able to preserve a piece of the Lao culture by weaving and selling her products, especially for a company like Ock Pop Tok, where “we are provided with great working conditions, which benefits her and her family. She hopes that Lao weaving will forever be taught and passed down for generations because “it’s the face of Lao culture”.

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Some products made by Mrs. Phonesouk:

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