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ock pop tok laos portrait weaver ouan -

Ms. Ouan

Originally from Houaphanh province, Ms. Ouan made the decision to pack her bags and move to Luang Prabang in early 2019. She says that weaving was passed down in her family for many years, which is why she decided to pursue it as her full-time job.

If there is anything she can say about weaving, she says that “it requires lots of determination and patience”. She loves weaving the supplementary “Chok” technique, especially with the colors blue, red, black and pink.

Outside weaving, Ouan makes sure she takes care of her health by exercising regularly, whether it be playing volleyball or doing yoga. She also says that once she settles down with a family one day, she will definitely pass on weaving to her children just like how her family has done so to her.

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