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ock pop tok laos portrait weaver faa -

Mrs. Faa

Mrs. Faa learnt how to weave from her mother when she was 10 in Luang Prabang. At the time she was told she could not get married otherwise! Although it took her over a year to memorize some of the techniques, she now loves it particularly the discontinued supplementary weft “Chok”. Her favorite color is red as it’s unique to Laos. She loves that Ock Pop Tok supports the many Villages around Laos through the Village Weaver Projects. She finds it a great location sitting by the Mekong and that the job offers her flexible hours so that she can pick up her kids from school. She wants to teach her two children how to weave when they are old enough and is “expecting Laos to become a famous tourist country in Asia in the next years” and hopes that textiles will stay with famous in Laos.

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