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The Living Craft Centre
Open Daily: 9.00am till 5.00 pm. 

Starting 21st April 2014 – open until 6pm 

(except national holidays)

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Living Crafts Centre

Open Daily: 9.00am till 5.00 pm. Starting 21st April 2014 – open until 6pm  (except national holidays)

Everyone is welcome at our centre. Set in a tropical Mekong garden it opens doors to learning about Lao textiles and crafts. Bringing alive our concept of east meets west, the LCC is a place where you can meet silk weavers, craft artisans and silkworms and learn about textiles and take classes. We welcome you to join a free guided tour, sign up for a class, eat delicious Lao food, or just relax by the riverside with a book and a drink.


Weavers at the Living Craft Centre work on traditional looms practicing the age old techniques brought here to Laos over 1200 years ago. Intern artisans from our Village Weaver Projects work alongside the Ock Pop Tok weavers learning new skills that they in turn take home to their villages. The exchanges taking place at the Living Craft Center have proven to keep alive the spirit that was prevalent during the prime of the Silk Road and all that was instrumental then in the emergence of the silk industry and appreciation of silk textiles around the world.


Take the chance to discover the beauty and secrets of Lao textiles; silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing, bamboo weaving all while enjoying the beautiful tropical garden and the mighty Mekong River. Spend some time with us. You'll love it here.

"Whatever my expectation was about Ock POP TOk has been totally blown away. The professional presentation of the artwork is outstanding. The weavers demonstrate such skill and artistry first hand that I found it difficult to tear myself away. I was never hurried or rush cart at the shop or throughout the centre. I shall return. As one of my friends said to me, "how can we keep you back on the farm after you see Broadway?" What a wonderful way to end three months of travelling in South East Asia!
Rose Marie Beauvais Alberta, Canada

The Silk Road Cafe

Open daily for breakfast and lunch and serves refreshing regional drinks throughout the day.
For all bookings at the Living Crafts Centre please contact

Telephone: +856 (0)71 252 597
Email: lcc@ockpoptok.com

Travel and Tour companies welcome, Please Enquire


How to find us:

Located on the banks of the Mekong just 2 km south of Luang Prabang town, in Ban Saylom.

Take the main street out in the direction of Kuangsi Waterfall, at the end of Phousi Market (on your left) take the lane on the right to the end, where you see our gates.

Free tuk tuks depart our shops in town throughout the day.

By tuk tuk: 5 mins. By bycycle: 10 mins. Or walk: 30 mins.

Booking an Activity is Easy! 
Create your own textile, working with a local artisan in one of our daily classes at the Living Crafts Centre. All classes give an insight into the culture of natural dyeing and weaving.
Working alongside local weavers, this is a fun opportunity to immerse yourself in local Lao culture. Our knowledgeable English speaking guides are the link between you and your private weaving teacher.
There are three easy ways to book activities at The Living Craft Center:
3.  Contact The Living Craft Center directly
     Telephone: +856 (0)71 212 597
     Email: Lcc@Ockpoptok.com



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